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Remember the Linux-based EVO game console? We can certainly forgive you if you don't, but it did actually end up shipping, and "sold out" according to the company the behind it. Now that company, Envizions, is back for a second try with another big promise: an Android-based game console dubbed,...

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May 25, 2011 at 6:03PM
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The last time we heard from Envizions, the company was just starting to get its game plan together -- but it looks like the gears are officially in motion on its Linux-based game console. The final specs for the box now seem to be in place, with off-the-shelf components like the Athlon 64x2 5600 CPU...

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While any announcement of a new game console is rightly going to be greeting with a hefty amount of skepticism, it looks like this new Evo "Smart Console" from upstart Envizions Computer Entertainment could be a bit of a unique case and, as Pandora has shown, sometimes these things do actually pan...

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