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Here's hoping you don't mind having your existing laptop made antiquated by this one. Just months after Maingear introduced its Clutch-15 and Alt-15 machines, along comes yet another 15.6-incher... and this one's claiming to be the world's fastest in its category. The eX-L 15 packs a 1920 x 1080 sc

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January 26, 2011 at 2:31AM
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Maingear's original eX-L 15 gaming laptop may have been something back in the heyday of August, 2009, but times have changed and, now, so has Maingear's eX-L 15 gaming laptop. Supposedly the \"fastest 15-inch HD gaming notebook on the market,\" the updated ex-L 15 packs your choice of Core i5 or i7 p

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Maingear may have given up on the \"world's most powerful gaming laptop\" title for the time being, but it's still keeping expectations pretty high for its new ex-L 15 laptop, which has just arrived on the scene from parts unknown. Judging from the specs, however, it won't have much trouble keeping u

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