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Perhaps you watched the Billboard Music Awards and were aghast (or impressed) by Michael Jackson's performance from beyond the grave. Or maybe you were at Coachella and caught a resurrected Tupac onstage with real-life Snoop Dogg. Hell, let's say you were wooed by India's Narendra Modi in his rece...

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May 30, 2014 at 10:00AM
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Mark February 1st, fans of the 80's: Journey will be opening their brand-new sim in Second Life, 'Journey Rock Band'. Personally, I'm surprised they didn't go with something more fan-relatable; I'd have called it 'Frontiers', or 'Wheel in the Sky', or, best of all, 'Kohoutek'. Throw the fans a bone,...

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Responding to the request of "more MHD, please," we're thrilled to see the high-definition spinoff giving some much needed love to live concerts shot in HD. In case Times Square is too crowded, or you just aren't much for going out on the town, Gorillaz are hoping that you ring in the New Year with ...

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