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It's a fine week for classic PC games as the good people at Humble Bundle have set their price-cutting sights on Night Dive Studios, a developer focused on resurrecting the hits of yesteryear for modern hardware. As with all Humble Weekly Sales, this entry operates on a "pay what you want" basis...

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May 9, 2014 at 2:30PM
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Two of the biggest cornerstones of Fallen Earth have always been crafting and PvP, and its these cornerstones that GamersFirst is enriching come patch 2.4. The patch, called Global Territory Control, is taking these elements and firing them up in ways that any PvPer or crafter should find excitin...

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So I've been thinking a bit about questing lately as I traverse Outlands on my latest project, a level 61 Blood Elf Paladin, working on the Outlands quests. I think my favorite part of playing a lowbie hordeling is how many quests there are to "stumble upon" in the oft-maligned Barrens. Technically,...

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