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The tail lights on most existing cars leave a lot to be desired: they're big, power-hungry and need reflectors to be visible from all angles. BMW is clearly frustrated with those clunky designs, as it just shared a load of details about its upcoming, OLED-based Organic Light technology. The extra-...

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April 10, 2014 at 9:46PM
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We know, our whip doesn't have LED headlights either, but that's not stopping BMW from pressing on with its laser powered successor. Purportedly ready "within a few years," the updated beams boast an intensity a thousand times greater than their forebearers, all while consuming less than half the...

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We've been charting the progression of in-home lighting, CFLs replacing incandescents but themselves slowly walking the path obsolescence as LED bulbs get cheaper and more common. It's much the same on the vehicle lighting front, with LEDs taking over more and more automotive lighting, and now OSRA...

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