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Unlike cellphone-tethered models like the Pebble or Galaxy Gear 2, \"Dick Tracy\" watches that make calls haven't set the world on fire -- probably because they're still clunky as hell. The WSJ, though, has added fuel to a previous rumor that Samsung will try to crack that market soon with its own w

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May 23, 2014 at 12:28PM
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The French didn't only invent the guillotine. They also bequeathed us something even more painful (though that's hard to prove): \"Les trois sports\", aka the Triathlon. A swimming-cycling-running succession of pure hurt, which Polar's latest RCX5 training computer seeks to measure using an array o

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What do you do as a handset maker when your design team can't get past one product design? You turn to new and strange patents and hope nobody notices your flagging product line, of course. Motorola has decided that monitoring vital signs via a Bluetooth headset and watch-like device combo and a new

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