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Microsoft made a big fuss over Windows Phone's gaming abilities right from the start, but it's hard to appreciate that if you're a newcomer; many classic titles never made the leap to Windows Phone 8, or were never tuned for budget devices. Not all of those releases will be consigned to the histo...

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July 16, 2014 at 1:55AM
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Microsoft might be wavering on the well established Metro moniker that it ascribes to its flat, live tile design aesthetic, but that doesn't make it any less pervasive in Windows 8's final build. Care to see? Impatient Windows fans have pilfered a handful of screenshots from Google and Windows Sto...

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Scarcely a fraction of gamers are involved in MMOGs. The percentage is a little higher if you're a gamer over 25, but below that, the odds are that only 1-2% of gamers are into MMOGs. But the gamer market is expanding. That is, the number of gamers who are involved in MMOGs is growing at a rate less...

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