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While our mole may not be as prolific or mysterious as some others' we do have an inside man/woman who sent us these images of the rumored Xbox 360 Elite Holiday 2009 Bundle. With the inclusion of Pure and Lego Batman the bundle certainly looks legit, and we think it's a safe bet this is what you'l...

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September 23, 2009 at 9:02AM
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EVE Online is one of the few MMOs where players in guilds (corporations and alliances) have some valid concerns about spies from rival groups infiltrating their ranks. The concept of being a spy or saboteur is a profession of sorts that arose in the game. There aren't any game mechanics that necess...

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So our good friends over at Joystiq have apparently buddied up to an "insider" at Xbox manufacturer Microsoft (sorry Bill, it wasn't our idea), plied him/her with some promotional swag and design ideas, and come away with details on all your favorite 360 peripherals, including the highly-anticipated...

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