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Remember those NFC-equipped business cards Moo promised? Yeah, well, they're still not ready for mass consumption. But, that's not stopping the company from making its own NFC tagging app available today on Google Play. Obviously, the intended draw here is to pair the companion app with Moo's fanc...

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February 14, 2013 at 10:49PM
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It's a new year, which probably means that you're due for new business cards. And look, your card design from last year is precisely that -- so last year. Moo has announced a clever new design, which allows you to "take your Facebook Timeline offline, and hand it out to new friends, contacts and ...

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We've seen plenty of cheap plastic MP3 land-fillers in our day. But those usually originate from deep-down within the fetid bowels of some no-name manufacturing house in southeast Asia, not the once illustrious Creative. The Zen Moo (yes, Moo) appears to be be a Zen Stone with extra bits of plasti...

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