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The name Niveus should sound familiar to you if you've followed the home theater PC market for a while, but those who follow the cable industry might not be so familiar. The cable types will become more familiar if they trek to the CableLabs Summer Conference this week as the Niveus Connected Pla...

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August 9, 2011 at 8:57PM
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At this point, the near-daily implementations of added surveillance in England is bordering on comical, but for the residents of the country, we're sure it feels more like infuriating. Just days after introducing the British to flying all-seeing police bots comes news that traffic wardens in Salford...

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U.K. streets are about to get a bit less welcoming for anyone driving illegally as soon as a planned fleet of vans packing license plate scanners hit the roads. The vans, operated by the NCP car-parking group, will be on the hunt for vehicles belonging to owners who haven't paid their car taxes, and...

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