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Fun facts for fans of the Art of Wushu: I wrote three articles about Age of Wushu for this week. I started off writing something lame, but I scrapped it because I didn't like the topic. The second is one about reaction times, perception, and brain chemistry. However, I realized somewhere in the mid...

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July 31, 2013 at 7:00PM
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Nikon's recent cashback promo gave us a twinge that new consumer models might be around the corner, but as of today there's just the one: the almost entry-level D3200, which Nikon hopes will complement the cheaper D3100 without supplanting it. The price gap between these two low-end DSLRs is signi...

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Last week on Behind the Mask, we got into a little discussion about why Champions Online's Elite difficulty needs to be buffed (and possibly also the very hard difficulty as well). This led to a discussion of whom Elite would be tailored for. I'm sure this is a big issue over at Cryptic right now...

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