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Sure, Sanyo's PR claims this camera is the "world's first waterproof full HD camera," but unfortunately for them Kodak beat them to the punch. A caveat at the bottom of the PR clarifies that this claim was merely meant for "Full HD video cameras for consumer use with optical zoom lenses," which nat...

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May 31, 2010 at 1:07AM
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Sure, JVC's new Picsio GC-FM1 pocket video camera has the specs to complete with the likes of Flip Video's Ultra HD and other similar offerings (1080p video, 8-megapixel stills, a 2-inch LCD, and HDMI out), but it also has a little something extra, something rarely seen in the world of anthropomo...

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As Pure Digital's Flip cameras have amply demonstrated, there's plenty of folks looking for nothing more than a dead simple digital video camera, and it looks like Japan's Amadana is now looking to peel off a bit of that user base with its new SAL pocket camera. Somewhat notably, this one will let...

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