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Ah, a childhood favorite revisited. Years back, our hearts were taken by the one and only Robo Catcher, and now it seems the famed toy snatching game has seen a revamping that features JR Robotics' RB2000 as the main grabber. The entire unit has also been freshened up in the design department, and...

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May 22, 2009 at 8:33AM
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We remarked on Puchi Puchi Virus's vivid 2D art when we saw the first screens in March, but we never thought we'd saw the game again. It was just another low-profile Japanese puzzle game. But Nippon Ichi has surprised us by announcing that they're localizing Puchi Puchi Virus for a U.S. release in F...

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Puchi Puchi Virus is a puzzle game from Keys Factory, a company that generally sticks to game accessories. It's published in Japan by JALECO, who published things like the NES port of Maniac Mansion and Irritating Stick for the Playstation-- we didn't even know they still existed. The gameplay look...

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