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Remember when Nikon noticed that Polaroid's iM1836 looked a little too much like the J1 and lawyered-up? The case has arrived at the Southern District Court of New York, where a judge probably took 30 seconds to nod their head and say "Yeah, that's the same device." As such, Nikon has won a prelim...

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December 6, 2013 at 5:13AM
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Vivitar may not have quite the same fervent fan following as some other camera manufacturers, but it looks like parent company Sakar is doing its best to keep things as Vivitar-y as possible at CES, with it rolling out a trio of new cameras and a few other goodies. Those include the 8.1 megapixel ...

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We'll admit, we definitely admired Belkin's prototype version a lot better, but Sakar is doing something with its iPod-engulfing PVP that Belkin currently isn't -- bringing it to market. The iView player mimics a portable DVD player in just about every major aspect, including the seven-inch widescre...

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