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It turns out that Brits are actually ruddy marvellous at robotics, especially in automotive, aerospace, medical and military applications. Not wanting to be usurped by incumbents from overseas, the groups in charge of leading robot innovation in the UK have drawn up their first official robotics s...

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July 1, 2014 at 9:25AM
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Not to be left behind by developments in the US, the UK government is set to rewrite road laws to allow self-driving cars on Britain's roads. According to Mail Online, science minister David Willetts has already opened discussions with the Department for Transport to help British companies develop...

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How does a self-driving car know where it's going? By using a map, of course -- preferably a self-generated one. In yet another video exemplifying breakneck golf-cart-like speeds, the ZMP RoboCar shows us that it doesn't need a driver to know where it's going. At least, not the second time i...

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