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Alright, so we're going to go ahead and caution against buying anything that claims to have a "dual Bluetooth" module, but if you're feeling froggy, the planet's first (and probably last) dual CPU netbook has just been launched. Not dual core, mind you, but dual processor. The admittedly chintzy l...

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September 30, 2009 at 9:06AM
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HD-DVD is moving the movement, with their latest announcement that we will see the first back-and-forwards compatible movie hitting store shelves May 9. Rumor Has It (which I have never heard of) will contain a high definition version on one side and a standard definition DVD on the other. The secon...

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The next gen DVD announcements keep on coming, this time we've got the list of titles annonunced by Warner Home Video for Blu-ray and HD-DVD, dates for the HD-DVD releases, none yet for Blu-ray. One title jumps out at me, Unforgiven. Only because I recall seeing For a Few Dollars more on Sony's Blu...

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