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In a sense, 3D printing as you know it is a lie -- it's really stacking a series of 2D layers on top of each other, rather than forming a single object. That's where Carbon3D might come to the rescue. It just unveiled a 3D printing technique, Continuous Liquid Interface Production, that creates tr...

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March 17, 2015 at 3:11PM
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Tegra 4-based phones may be all the rage lately, but many in India haven't even had a shot at the Tegra 3 -- not very fair, we'd say. Xolo is addressing that deficit by launching the Play T1000, which brings the Tegra 3 to the country for the first time. The quad-core processor adds a gaming-frien...

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Here's a likely candidate for most unnecessary, albeit entirely geeky device of the day. TimeTools' T1000 Precision Time Server links up to your Windows, Linux, or Unix workstation in order to obtain "highly accurate time" from GPS satellites. Interfacing via a RS-232 serial port or USB (depending o...

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