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It's not quite a trip around the world, but a trek that Norway's Zero team recently undertook in a pair of hydrogen-fueled cars is certainly an impressive enough feat in its own right. Late last month, they drove two Hyundai Ix35 FCEVs from Oslo to Monte Carlo (admittedly one of the easier ways to...

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May 6, 2012 at 10:42AM
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Fat kids want cake, skinny kids abstain, right? Whatever philosophy you subscribe to, chances are you'll only see the world's fittest stopping by a Trek Stop. This curious vending machine is currently parked in Madison, Wisconsin and enables cyclists to nab spare parts (an extra tube, patch kit, w...

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In an attempt to illustrate the low power requirements of its latest Linux-based supercomputer, a company called SiCortex put together a demonstration showing the massive number-cruncher performing billions of calculations per-second while a team of between eight to ten bicyclists pedaled to keep it...

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