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Tired of all those USB to HDMI adapters? Got yourself a monitor sporting only an old-school DVI port? Well, don't worry, DisplayLink has your back... as long as you live in Japan. The cumbersomely named I-O DATA USB-RGB3/D USB 3.0 to DVI display adapter just hit shelves in the Land of the Rising ...

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November 22, 2011 at 1:15AM
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DisplayLink may not have the rampant following you probably thought it would when it was originally introduced, but we'd credit much of the indifference to the inability of most adapters to hit the magical 1080p mark. Up until now, most USB-to-DVI dongles couldn't support resolutions higher than U...

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Oh, how far we've come. Just 2.5-years after Tritton unveiled an adapter that enabled users to run a VGA-equipped display at 800 x 600 via USB, Sewell is offering up a USB-to-DVI converter that actually supports UXGA (that's 1,600 x 1,200 for those counting). In a package no larger than a deck of ...

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