Fujitsu's FMV-Stylistic biometric-enabled Tablet PC

Fujitsu FMV-Stylistic

We're not sure any Tablet PC will yet beat NEC's insane 11mm thick VersaPro, but Fujitsu's new FMV-STYLISTIC TB11/B, TB11/R, and TB11/S would all certainly have a home here with us. The line, which will go on sale today in you-know-where, will have a 1.10GHz Pentium M 733, 802.11a/b/g, Gigabit Ethernet, fingerprint sensor and user authentication via a security button or smart card, and will come loaded with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. The TB11/S will include a docking station, wireless keyboard USB mouse for ¥281,800 (about $2,650), the TB11/R will have a 10.4-inch XGA LCD for ¥239,000 (about $2,250), and the TB11/B will have nothing included with the unit (except a power supply, we presume) will retail for ¥219,000 (about $2,050). We're down for one, but unless the gadget gods smile upon us sometime soon, like the VersaPro this one is Japan-only.

[Via TechJapan]