Movie Gadget Friday: The Invisible Jet from Wonder Woman

Invisible Jet from Wonder Woman

w For the last Movie Gadget Friday Josie Fraser checked out the

Death Star I from Star Wars

. For this week's installment she looks at the ultimate gadget hich needs no introduction, the Invisible Jet from Wonder Woman:

Last week we looked at possibly the coolest imaginary vehicle ever invented, the Death Star. This week we move from that extreme to another: The hands-down most ridiculous vehicle ever seen on screen. I hardly have to write anything this week. Just look at the pictures. You'll see that Wonder Woman's jet was so bad that the plastic toy model actually looks more feasible and has better detailing than the one Lynda Carter is flying.

Wonder Woman

Joss ?Buffy? Whedon is due to resurrect the 64-year-old Wonder Woman and her undetectable alter ego Diana Prince some time next year, and the rumour mill is frantic with two questions: Who will play WW, and will the plane make an appearance?

The jet plane doubtless had some method of decreasing it?s radar signature, and it appears to be shiny transparent rather than actually invisible, so I guess someone on the ground might not notice a woman sitting in mid air if the sun was shining from behind her. This is the central, and almost Zen-proportioned paradox of WW?s plane: How do you give her the advantage invisible transport, and then actually show it in action on screen?

Although stealth engineering has come a long way since the introduction of Diana?s plane, the best way of ensuring the enemy doesn?t see you remains the same: fly at night.

Invisible Jet from Wonder Woman

Fortunately the viability of the plane doesn?t matter much, since Wonder Woman?s inventor Dr. William M. Marston not only equipped her with a ton of seriously cool wearable gadgets (including a razor-sharp, head-severing tiara/boomerang, and the unbreakable golden lasso of truth extraction) but also gave her exactly no seriously troublesome evil foes.