BioPay QuikTouch: A (less) convenient biometric payment system

BioPay QuikTouch

So what'cha what'cha what'cha want…a sense of greater security or ease of use? BioPay's QuikTouch solution is betting on the former requiring something you have (your finger) and something you know (a ten-digit number). Oddly, they suggest that the ten-digit number is "typically your phone number." Er, why not just suggest they write the number on their finger to further defeat the security model for crissake!? While two-factor authentication is certainly appropriate for those dismembered security fobs required by corporate IT, the chances of leaving a finger behind at happy hour are pretty damn slim. And if finger theft of the rich is their concern then why not just use biometric heat signature (instead of fingerprint) like Pay By Touch systems in use elsewhere? Regardless, prepare to get funny with the money that you flaunt 'cause biometic payment solutions will become ubiquitous as retailers bring down the axe on those credit card and debit card transaction fees.

[Thanks, William]