Former Bush official Tommy Thompson to get RFID chipped

RFID implant

Okay, we know the whole RFID implant thang is old news now, with folks opting to implant the little buggers for medical reasons, for identification purposes, or just because — but this is the first time we've heard of someone doing it out of sheer desire to promote the wonders of RFID. It's also the first quasi-celebrity we know of opting to get chipped (yeah, we're sure Paris is right behind). Tommy Thompson, the former Governor of Wisconsin and Health and Human Services Secretary during Bush's first term, is now on the board of directors of Applied Digital, the company that owns VeriChip — makers of subcutaneous RFID tags for fun and profit humans and pets. Merely by way of promoting the concepts behind RFID, Thompson himself is gonna go and get chipped. So how long before someone hacks up a way to track him via Google maps?