Gmapped GPS on the DS: Two, two, two hacks in one

gps on ds

We've seen a lot of hacks for Google Maps since Google released the Gmaps API last month. And we've seen a few for the Nintendo DS as well. Now, Alexei Karpenko, who developed the PassMe serial interface for the DS, has brought the two together with a hack that he says enables Google-mapped GPS on the DS. According to Karpenko, a small script lets the DS download specified maps via its internal WiFi card. Data is stored on a CF card crammed into a GBA Movie Player unit. GPS is provided via a PassMe-connected Lassen iQ GPS module from Trimble, and voila — GPS-enabled Google Maps on the DS. Clearly, this isn't something a casual gamer is going to hook up in an idle moment. But it strikes us as a nice — and maybe even useful — combo of hack-friendly software and hardware.