Hasbro putting out line of electronics for tweens: the VuGo, VCAM Now, Zoombox, i-Dog, Videonow XP, and Chatnow

Hasbro VuGo

Hasbro Chatnow

Fourth quarter will see Hasbro roll out a bunch of products aimed squarely at tweens: the VuGo portable multi-media system (pictured above), VCAM Now, Zoombox (pictured below), i-Dog, Videonow XP and the Chatnow two-way radio communicator system (pictured at right). The Vugo is basically a simple PMP with 128MB internal memory and an SD slot for $119.99. Vcam Now is a digital video camera likely a bit reminiscent of Vidster for $79.99. The Zoombox is a portable, 3-in-1 projector that'll play DVDs, CDs, and connects to gaming systems for $299. The $29.99 i-Dog sounds conspicuously like the Sega iDog that dances to the rhythm of your tunes. Videonow XP is a media player that adds interactive features to the existing Videonow product line, featuring bonus games and trivia playable only on the XP system — that's be going for $59.99 this fall. The Chatnow two-way radios are basically walkie talkies with text messaging and picture sharing at $74.99 per set, working up to a range of about two miles. Yeah, it's cool and all, but… whither Lite Brite? Whither Lincoln Logs? These kids don't know how good they have it. No, we're not the slightest bit jealous.

Hasbro Zoombox