The iz3D LCD monitor helps you get your game on in 3D


As immersive as a game like Blizzard's World of Warcraft might feel sometimes, the truth of the matter is that you're probably still viewing the action on some lame old 2D monitor, not the rosy future we envisioned, not by a long shot. Well Neorok Optics is restoring some of our faith in humanity with their new prototype iz3D monitor that they're showing off at Blizzard's Blizzcon event. They create a 3D effect by modifying a traditional monitor with polarized glass, and providing polarized glasses to the viewer, resulting in each eye being shown a different angle of the action. To make a 3D image from the 2D render provided by the game engine, they use an Nvidia card with dual DVI outputs and stereo drivers, then their hardware box takes those images and analyzes them to figure out what's in the foreground and background. The results are of course "simulated" 3D images, but they're hoping for more integration with Nvidia in the future, so hopefully better things are to come. The 17-inch display should be available in December for $1499, with a 19-inch and 23-incher in the works.