Ready or not, Apple, Navio wants to open FairPlay (too)

iTunes Music Store

We've heard big talk in the past about opening up FairPlay DRM, but from the sound of it Navio wants to make a business out of circumventing Apple's AAC DRM technology (you know, the stuff that keeps iTunes safe from pirates). But it doesn't sound like there's a Robin Hood story here like before with DVD Jon and QTFairUse, PlayFair, HYMN, DeDRMS, or FairKeys; Navio's motivated to break FairPlay so they can re-license their technique and enable other companies to sell iPod-compatible DRMed music. We're not sure what the DMCA or its pundits will have to say about this business model — but what we're especially unsure of is how Navio plans to avoid the same axe Apple brought down upon those other projects and Real's Harmony.

[Via BoingBoing]