Crown Castle readying Modeo DVB-H service for US

If you're sick of all those lame disclaimers we throw into various DVB/DMB posts -- that we're not going to be seeing this slick device in the US, nope not never -- well it looks like Crown Castle has some good news for you. They say they're all set to launch domestic DVB-H service this year, with 2007 expansions to about half the US population, primarily metro. Crown says their service will be targeted at early adopters and run about $15 to $20 bucks a month, and they claim they'll offer around 10 video channels, even though they don't have any cellphone providers or content partners yet. We don't see the device manufacturers dragging their feet though, Samsung and LG are already ready to support the service with devices, along with Qualcomm and Verizon's competing MedioFlo which is due this October.