Apple special event on February 22: Let the rumors commence

And so it begins once again. Our friends over at TUAW are reporting that Apple has sent out invitations for a "Special Event" to take place on February 22nd at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. As usual, these supposed-invitations are light on the deets but heavy on the insinuations, this time featuring an Airport Express base station on the card- which may indicate new video support for this device. Or maybe the real invitations got botched at the printer's, and Apple had to do these ones up real quick in-house, using whatever was laying around the office. Either way, we're sure to get barraged with no less than one million theories in the coming weeks, most of which we'll pass along to you.

Update: This is most likely a fake. The Flickr page where it was found has an owner who seems fond of Photoshopping.