Nintendo marketing gets all edgy and subliminal

It would seem that there's a lot more to one of Nintendo's latest UK adverts than meets the eye. Once you get over the snazzy visuals and dramatic trailer choir (on loan from Steven Spielberg), you may spot the secret subliminal marketing going on in the background. Is that the word "Revolution" sneakily scrolling by in the background, or is it yet another case of our overactive and Skittle-enhanced imaginations getting the best of us? Most people (including the guys at Go Nintendo) seem to think it's the former, with the Revolution's appearance signalling its forthcoming reliance on the same online network that powers the DS.

This hardly comes as a surprise, but it's arguably one the first real Revolution commercials, especially considering that the clip never specifically mentions the DS--only global, wireless, multiplayer gaming. If Nintendo decides to keep the service free, it could pose a significant challenge to Microsoft's Xbox Live offering and Sony's unified PS3 network whatever it is they're doing.

[Thanks Eric!]