Logitech NuLOOQ controller: iPod meets PowerMate

What do you get when you take the touch-sensitive, context-aware clickwheel iPod controller and enlarge it to the size of the Griffin PowerMate? If you're Logitech, you get the NuLOOQ, a big, round $150 device that the company is pitching to designers as the perfect tool to control graphics apps. The NuLOOQ's touch-sensitive, circular control wheel can be customized to work with just about any app, and includes an onscreen interface (also available separately) that shows you what your NuLOOQ is doing at any moment. The idea is that you can use the NuLOOQ to get precision control over things like zooming in on graphics and selecting tools in apps like Photoshop. Given that most designers we know already have a keyboard, mouse and tablet on their desks, along with at least two massive displays, we're not sure where Logitech expects them to put this -- or where they'll find an extra hand to use it.

[Via Gizmologia]