HyMotion's PHEV battery lets you plug in your hybrid

However efficient hybrid vehicles become, you're still going to need a little bit of stop and go action to charge up the battery, and that means you'll be burning through some of that crazy expensive gasoline. But HyMotion is here to help with their new PHEV Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle), which adds an extra battery to your hybrid that can be charged from a regular wall outlet. Once you run out of juice on this li-ion secondary battery, you can resume normal operation, but for local travel you might be able to get by on mostly battery power, leaving that ol' gas pump nearly a thing of the past. The system, which works with the Ford Escape and Toyota Prius, is currently $9500, but only available to Government and fleet owners. HyMotion is hoping to have the price down to $5000 when the kit becomes available to the public in 12 months.

[Via gizmag]