Nainworks' "Ubiquitous Multimedia Informator" PMP

Just when you think we're done with all this CeBIT nonsense, we discover another marginally interesting device to fill up your RSS feed with. This time it's the new "Ubiquitous Multimedia Informator" from Nainworks. We're not making this up, people. It looks to be a fairly full featured DMB capable PMP, with all sorts of codec support, TV-out, 5 hour battery life, and a 20GB hard drive. The screen seems to cover most of the face at 4-inches, and the 480x272 resolution ain't too shabby. The DMB receiver isn't built in, so while the UMI is a tad streamlined due to this fact, you'll have to hook up an external antenna to catch TV on the go. All in all, not a bad looking player for Korea, though we're mainly just excited by the ad copy: "We sungiss which we do the environment setting up of English Hangul of language setting up and back of the ubdengitue UMI." Oh yeah.

[Via MobileMag]

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