"I EAT POO" tops Metroid Prime online leaderboards

Just when we were starting to think that there was hope for the video game community, someone called "I EAT POO" goes and tops 5 out of the 8 leaderboards in Metroid Prime: Hunters. We're too disillusioned to accurately describe how it feels to be beaten by someone whose name takes its inspiration from feces, so we'll just throw the words "anger", "pain" and "disappointment" in your general direction and hope that you can empathise.

In other more mature news, Nathan dropped us a line to tell us that (a Nintendo Wifi community) is now tracking aforementioned Metroid Prime stats for its users. So come on WitendoFi users, kick Mr. Pooman's pongy butt off the leaderboards!

[Via fark. Thanks, murph and Nathan Grebowiec]

Update: fixed poo related error. Thanks denigod!