Revolution to emulate Genesis and TurboGrafx

Well, as predicted, Iwata-san didn't announce a price, date, or even officially name the Revolution at his keynote speech at GDC this year, but they did announce one very interesting tidbit. Remember how the Revolution is going to play games from and emulate every Nintendo home console to date, starting with the NES? Well, that's not all: they're also including emulation for the Sega Genesis and Turbo Grafx. Seriously, who would have thought back in the 80s such bitter rivals would eventually become so subsumed to the N as to become a retro software package? So if y'all been missing Bonk or Sonic and haven't been up to the eBay hunt (or garage sale circuit) to get your fix, just hold out. Who knows, hold out long enough and maybe, just maybe, we'll get some Saturn, 3DO, and Jaguar support, too.

[Via Joystiq]