Toshiba's new A105, P105, M105 lineup get bumps

Ryan Block
R. Block|03.28.06

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Ryan Block
March 28th, 2006
Toshiba's new A105, P105, M105 lineup get bumps
Toshiba's throwing out three new Satellites today, people, so keep your ears perked: their A105 series, (which includes the S2021, S4001, S4004 and S4014), P105 (with the S6014, and S6004), and M105 series have all gotten spec bumps, in many cases to Intel Core Solo or Core Duo chips. They range in options from a sub-$900 Celeron equipped A105-S2021 to the 17-inch $1,550 P105-6014 with a Core Duo T2300. Nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary for their laptop lineup, but if you're looking to get dual core on the go, now you've got another option to get the job done.

[Via Laptop Mag]

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