Magellan drops three new RoadMate GPS devices

Just in time for, um, "driving to stuff" season, Magellan is bringing out three new GPS units, the RoadMate 3000T, 3050T, and 6000T. All three RoadMates feature live traffic information, along with music playback and "SmartDetour" to skip over freeway traffic and the like. You can store maps, photos, and music in the integrated SD card slot, and the 3.5-inch LCD should give a decent view of the road. The 6000T (pictured) headlines the series with hands-free calling integration with your Bluetooth phone, along with a text-to-speech "SayWhere" function that speaks the name of the upcoming street you're supposed to turn on. The 3000T should be available this month for $600, with the 3050T following in June for $650. No word on price for the 6000T, but it should be out in July.

[Thanks Satyabrata]