Apple to sell music online... but probably not through Apple

Well, it's been a long and winding road, but it looks like the Beatles will finally be selling their music on the internet. A spokesperson for Apple Corps, the record label owned by the surviving Beatles and the estates of John Lennon and George Harrison, confirmed this week that the company is going to start offering music online. The spokesperson said, however, that no date had been set, and added, "there are a lot of projects that Apple are working on at the moment." While no details were provided about which music services will be used, it seems likely that the other Apple, which is involved in a long-running legal dispute over the brand name, will be shut out. Last year, Yoko Ono Lennon made some of John Lennon's solo material available over online services, but Apple Computer's iTunes was not among them. Apple Corps is expected to take a similar stance -- though the announcement, first made during legal proceedings in London last week -- could be part of an effort to pressure Apple Computer into a settlement. Regardless, we have just one request: now that Michael Jackson is on the verge of selling his share of the Beatles' legacy to Sony, we really hope that the fab four's music doesn't end up as a Sony Connect exclusive. Please, please us, and at least spread out to the MusicNet services.