Electricity may cause cancer, leukaemia, depression, etc.

Ok everyone, get your alarmist hats on tight over your already firmly planted tin-foil ones. We've heard the argument made before -- and believe us, it's a tough sell to us gadget dorks, but two official Department of Health reports, a Health Protection Agency (HPA) meeting, and the UN's World Health Organisation (WHO) have all convened on today's scary gadget-related disease du jour sure to make the hypochondriacs and "electric allergics" cringe with self-justification. The bend is to convince everyone that electromagnetic "smog" -- excessive electrical, radio, and microwave pollution -- could "interfere with the tiny natural electrical currents" of our nervous systems, as concluded by a National Radiological Protection Board survey that found children living close to power lines were developing leukaemia. Sure, that study might be getting a little post hoc ergo propter hoc on us, but the WHO and other health specialists are now beginning to blame electromagnetic fields as being a "likely cause" of up to 30% of childhood cancers, adult leukaemia, depression, brain cancers, possibly breast cancer, and even up to 1/10th of all miscarriages. Bold claims, and they kind of lost us when they got into the "allergic to electricity" argument, but hey, who are we to argue with peoples' gadgety ailments? Perhaps it's time for Engadget to pack up shop and move to the mountains to. Who's with us -- post-Engadget gadget-recovery commune? Nobody? Aight, we'll see this one through, then, like the rest of them.