Sony not so concerned with market share -- ah, that explains it

We've been scratching our heads over all the wild Sony moves during the past few months -- with pricing themselves almost out of the game right at the top of our list -- but we'd been apparently laboring under a false assumption. Silly us, we thought Sony was planning on grabbing market share in this console generation, but we were oh so wrong. "The name of the game is not market share, it's how fast we can grow the industry," says David Reeves, head of Sony Europe, who went on to say "We want to try and double digital entertainment in the next five to six years. Whether we have 40, 50, or 60 per cent market share is not that important." Good to know guys, we're really sorry for getting on your case about all this stuff, we had no idea you're not feeling so competitive this time around. As a side note, Molly Smith, Sony's SCEA PR chief who was brought on shortly after the launch of the PS1, has recently and unexpectedly resigned her post, no word why, but we're sure she's glad to not be dealing with this little sound bite.

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