The Mac Mini-based DeLorean drivable drive-in

So you've got your shiny, not-quite-new DeLorean fresh off eBay but still don't think it gives you enough geek cred? Well, you can do what Ryan Brandys did and turn it into a driveable drive-in movie theater with the help of a Mac Mini, a projector, and a bucketload of skill. Ok, just putting a Mac Mini and a projector in a car doesn't really require much skill, but this dude totally pimped it out, installing actuators that open the hood with a push of a button, revealing the 37-inch projector screen mounted under the hood that puts all other in-car movie-watching solutions to shame. He also created custom fiberglass enclosures to keep everything looking pretty, designed a custom Mac Mini dock, and created the Basic Stamp "Brain Box," which makes everything work together. He hasn't, however, tricked out his car to look like the Back to the Future DeLorean but, really, wouldn't you just as soon have this?

[Via TUAW]