SegSeat adds an extra layer of laziness to the Segway

We always knew there was something wrong with those Segways. By requiring prolonged standing and mild leaning motions they flew in the face of everything our sedentary lifestyle stands for, and it's good to see some clever inventors take notice and restore us to our passivity. The SegSeat is actually intended for handicapped users who can't quite manage all the standing, yet don't want to be regaled to the world of scooters or wheelchairs. It's a fairly easy installation to add a SegSeat to an existing Segway, and you can collapse the seat when it's not in use. To emulate the leaning motion of a standing rider, the seat slides forward and back, so we're not sure this is 100% sedentary approved, but at least it's a good start. You can get one starting now for $749.

[Via TRFJ]