TiVo Desktop 2.3 adds conversion tools, scheduled transfers

We've been waiting a long time for TiVo to get it in gear and release version 2.3 of their desktop software, and judging by the new features they've gifted us with, it's been worth the wait. Actually, it was probably inappropriate to use the term "gifted," since one of the two major enhancements -- tools to convert your recordings into portable device-friendly formats -- finds TiVo charging for software for the first time since dropping the $99 fee on the Home Media Option. Still, $25 is a small price to pay for hassle-free, integrated MPEG-4 or H.264 conversions for your iPod, PSP, or Treo, and combined with the upgrade's second major addition -- the ability to setup automatic, scheduled transfers of selected shows -- you now have a one-step option for turning last night's episode of Law & Order into this morning's subway-ride entertainment. Both the free and paid versions of the update are available immediately by following the Read link, and don't forget to also click on that Via link for some more screenshots and insight.

[Via ZatzNotFunny, thanks Alex]