Panasonic DMP-BD10 player gets price and accessories

In lieu of somebody actually releasing one of these Blu-ray players, Panasonic is getting "official" on their DMP-BD10 and have a price and some accessories to hopefully keep us entertained until it all drops in September. It looks like they're hoping to hit the premium end of the already pricey Blu-ray spectrum, and are going to be shipping this unit for $1300. Other than Blu-ray playback and 1080p upconverting, the main notable feature is some proprietary P4HD tech to improve 1080i/720p output over analog, which apparently excuses a $300 premium over other players. The $1000 7.1 channel SA-XR700 receiver nicely allows control over HDMI via Panasonic's Viera Link tech, and has an extra HDMI in and a single HDMI out for 1080p pass through. If you team all this up with Panny's $3000 SB-TP1000 speaker system, which includes "Twin Center Speaker" tech to double your center channel fun, and maybe toss in an 80-inch plasma, we're sure you'll have one of the hottest spots on your block for viewing "Benchwarmers" and "Fifth Element" when this all gets released -- in September.

[Via HD Beat]