Gaming and work motivation: not mutually exclusive

It's like you can feel its adorably shaped nose pressing into your back. You're trying to assemble a droll (is there any other?) business presentation, and all you can think about is how woefully uninformed your employers must be if they expect you to be motivated by a moist creature of the sea balancing a ball on its face. "Persistance," it says. "SEAL the deal." You really hate puns.

But you like gaming. Perhaps that's the key to motivating you at work or, at the very least, reminding you that there's a much better world out there ... in your computer. Have a glance at these gaming-inspired motivational posters (you know the ones) and watch your productivity soar to hitherto unseen heights. Or, more realistically, have a laugh. It's the only thing keeping you sane.

[Thanks David!]