Yahoo! offering up an unrestricted $1.99 MP3 download

It's not like some sort of DRM floodgate has been unlocked, and now unrestricted files flow freely from the Yahoo! Music vaults, but one unrestricted MP3 file has made its way onto their site, so we're going to milk it for all its worth. The song, "A Public Affair" by Jessica Simpson, can be "personalized" by choosing your name before downloading, which gets yourself inserted into the lyrics. If you'd rather not have Jessica singing your name, you can at least sit on the sidelines with us and debate the ramifications of the release. Yahoo! Music's official blog discusses the future of unprotected MP3 releases, stating the premium price was for the custom content, and mulls over the possibility of a $1.09 price point for straight up MP3 files. They don't see much hope of getting the labels to go for it just yet, but with experiments like this it shows we at least have Yahoo! on our side trying to make the music market more of a free one.

[Via paidContent]