SubjuGator repeats at 9th annual AUV competition

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SubjuGator repeats at 9th annual AUV competition
Those peeps from the University of Florida's still awesomely-named SubjuGator team have dominated the annual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition once again this year, repeating their hard-fought victory from last year's event. Like last year, the competition entailed finding a docking station, inspecting a pipeline, and surfacing in a recovery zone, all autonomously, of course. The SubjuGator bot itself, however, went under some major changes for this year's event, with about 70% new parts, although it's still based on a single-board Pentium M system running Windows XP. We'd suggest the other teams start working to increase their game now, cause the odds seem to be shaping up well for a three-peat.

[Thanks Sean C]
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