Chronotech's Bluevoice combines wristwatch, headset

Anyone can own both an unattractive watch and an equally homely Bluetooth accessory, but when they come together as one, it's something very special. That's exactly what Chronotech has done with their Bluevoice device, offering digital and analog models whose faces double as detachable headsets. When a call comes in, you just pop the face off the wrist strap and put 'er on -- a creative way to stow your headset that you'd otherwise have to put around your neck, in your pocket, or simply wear all day -- but this is a case where we'd have liked to see Chronotech put a bit more effort into the industrial design side of their operation. For what it's worth, the Bluevoice can be yours in colors like "white sparkle" for $119.95 in digital and $127.95 in analog configurations; a little steep for an average headset plus a wristwatch you might find in a box of Crackerjack, we think, but the ability to offer the current time to passers-by who happen to be looking at your head is admittedly priceless.

[Via BlueTomorrow]