Federal Court grants stay on EchoStar's TiVo injunction

Things are looking up for EchoStar. After getting slammed hard yesterday with $90 million in initial damages and a permanent injunction that requires them to disable all DVR functionality for users in 30 days, EchoStar has managed to get a stay on TiVo's injunction while the court battle rages on. The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals did the honors today, halting the Thursday injunction by a Texas Court, and while the current stay is temporary (they don't say for how long), EchoStar is hoping for a longer-term stay, and are fighting for an eventual overturn of the Texas decision. Doesn't seem like we're close to the finish line here yet, so we suppose DISH Network users can go on with their regularly scheduled time-shifted lives for the time being.

[Via HD Beat]