Epson launches three inkjets: R260, R380, and the RX580 all-in-one

Epson unveiled three new "Ultra Hi-Definition" photo printers on Monday with the launch of the Stylus Photo R260, R380 (pictured) and RX580 all-in-one. All three share the same print engine and redesigned print heads to print 4x6 photos in just 13 seconds while spitting out B/W or colored text at up to 30 pages per minute -- both bests for Epson photo printers. They also feature Epson's unique, out-of-the-box ability to print direct to printable CD/DVDs dropped into the front-loading tray. The R260 is the base model with the R380 adding memory card slots and a large, 3.5-inch LCD right up front for viewing your shots when printing directly off memory cards; something you'll do oh, maybe once in a lifetime if you're one of the lucky few to actually own a computer at home with even the most rudimentary photo management software installed. The RX580 drops that pointless LCD down to 2.5-inches but brings a 1,200 pixel per inch optical scanner with a useful direct-to-PDF function. As you'd expect, scanned images can then be copied (aka, printed) at that same 30 pages per minute rate. And when combined with Epson's new Claria ink, your photos will last longer than even those produced by a professional lab. Hey, that's what Epson is touting in the hopes of locking you into their replacement ink cartridges for the decades it will take to prove 'em wrong. Expect the R260 to pull $130 with the R380 and RX580 both demanding $200.

[Thanks, Art]